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 March 21, 2019

Non-Toxic Wet Wipes Ingredients Are In Demand

Once dominated by baby care, the wet wipes market has matured and branched out, offering brands new opportunities for growth. Consumers expect convenience, sustainability and performance — a delicate task for many brands. As a leading wet wipes ingredients distributor, our team has a deep understanding of the natural personal care market and can help you excel in today’s competitive landscape.

Wet Wipes Market Insight

From facial wipes to antibacterial moist towelettes, the wet wipes market continues to evolve and grow. Just last year, 19.11 million American consumers said they used pre-moistened wet wipes / cloths 31 times or more within a week.

Personal care brands have noticed and jumped at this market opportunity. Unsurprisingly, big brands are not the only ones taking advantage of the wet wipe boom. The leading moist towelette brands in the United States in 2018, based on sales, came from private labels, with sales of about 310 million U.S. dollars.

And even though the personal care wipes market faces challenges from municipal governments, regarding possible damage to drainage systems from flushable wipes, the market growth is still expected to rise. In fact, the global personal care wipes market is projected to grow at the rate of 5.4% during the forecast period 2018 to 2023.

What are consumers looking for? Non-toxic, cost-effective products that deliver on their promises.

Product Innovation – The Driving Force Behind the Personal Care Wet Wipes Market 

According to the report, “End-use market forecasts for global wipes to 2021,” recent innovations in baby wipes globally include:

  • ‘Sensitive’ products – with no fragrance or alcohol, hypoallergenic properties, and mild, natural lotions
  • Wipes made with regenerated cotton – taking advantage of the low cost of recycled cotton raw material
  • Products using lyocell – with consumers coming to recognise the environmental credentials of this wood fibre raw material.

Personal care wet wipes remain among the fastest growing wipes segments. Products such as adult moist toilet care wipes, feminine hygiene wipes, facial wipes and bathing wipes are among some of the smaller, more specialised and higher-priced end uses.

Innovations in wet wipes ingredients, convenient product packaging and awareness of hygiene are all influential factors on the rising sales of personal care wet wipes among the female(and even male) population. Many brands are already focused on launching innovative wet wipes that accommodate consumers with different skin types. Going further, savvy brands are also boasting benefits such as anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, ultra-violet protection and skin smoothing properties.

Finding a Distributor for Non-Toxic Wet Wipes Ingredients

Consumers are looking for chemical-free wet wipes made without potentially toxic ingredients, such as phthalates, parabens, phenoxyethanol, cocamidopropyl betaine, fragrances and more. Kinetik distributes non-toxic wet wipes ingredients such as Sucrathix VX, Verstatil TBG and Emulpharma Eco10. In addition to supplying the non-toxic wet wipe ingredients brands need, we also provide expert guidance to help formulate personal care products that consumers can trust.

Let us help you remove the guesswork, so you can grow your business the right way.

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