Why Produce Sustainable Cosmetics?


 May 24, 2020

Why Produce Sustainable Cosmetics?

Now, more than ever, consumers are more interested in your process than they are in your product. Demand for clean beauty products continues to grow, but is your brand keeping pace? Let’s dive into the world of sustainable cosmetics and why beauty brands should go green.

Cosmetics Focused on Sustainability

Clean personal products, sustainable cosmetics, organic skincare. It’s clear that eco-friendly beauty products are having a moment. These words are no longer just a trend in the cosmetics industry.

As more consumers and brands embrace a greener approach to personal care, sustainable cosmetic ingredients have become even more important.

More Than Just A Beauty Trend

According to Statista, revenue from natural and organic beauty brands is forecast to hit $22 billion by 2024. The fastest-growing segment of the clean beauty market is sustainable skincare, followed closely by hair care and cosmetics.

Facing this massive growth projection, many clean beauty brands are unsure of how to choose the right formulations for their product. Matching effectiveness with eco-friendliness can be a tricky balancing act.

At Kinetik, we don’t just provide the specialty raw ingredients that our customers need to excel, we provide the ongoing support that goes beyond ingredients. From raw materials to supplier formulation support, we have you covered.

Sustainable Quality

Natural cosmetics and skincare brands can’t live off brand promise alone. High-quality beauty products must offer effective results without compromising consumer safety. To do so, sourcing sustainable raw ingredients is of utmost importance.

As a leading provider of natural personal care products, we promise to offer high-quality, raw material, innovations, and, whenever possible, use environmentally and socially conscious sources. Discover our Global Partners >>

Enhanced Brand Reputation

A recent study found that 90% of Gen Z and millennials say more products should be sustainable and 65% say their top motivator when purchasing sustainable products is making a choice that is better for the environment.

Formulating environmentally friendly beauty products doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or profits. As consumers increasingly focus on the bigger picture, such as corporate ethics, small steps toward sustainability can significantly improve brand reputation and boost sales.

Get the Ingredients You Need for Sustainable Cosmetics at Kinetik

Are you looking for raw, sustainable ingredients for your cosmetics and beauty products?

The pressure is on for sustainable beauty brands to understand their market thoroughly. Let the team at Kinetik help you create the winning cosmetic formulation you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Kinetik is headquartered in the USA, but we work with clients and represent suppliers worldwide. Contact us at (732) 335-5775 to speak with one of our sales representatives about the raw ingredients to support your sustainable cosmetics formulations today.