Simplified Beauty Innovations That Are Changing the Industry


 August 18, 2019

Consumers today are not just looking for effective beauty products. Ideally, they want simplicity coupled with experience. For brands, this means a unique opportunity to develop simplified beauty innovations that excite consumers’ curiosity and keep them coming back for more.

From textures to customization to on-the-go applications, the team at Kinetik has the inside scoop on today’s trends.

Simplified Textures

An ongoing innovative trend in the beauty industry is enhanced sensory experience. Beauty brands are changing textures to create a pleasant surprise for consumers, without changing the performance of the product. 

In fact, according to a previous Datamonitor report, ‘Sensory Ingredients in Personal Care’, 37% of women and 28% of men rated sensory benefits as having a degree of high influence when choosing personal care benefits.  Globally, one-third of women consider sensory benefits, such as natural textures, hydrating skin soothers, as key in their choices for hair care and skin care products. 

So what can brands do to create a multi-sensory experience and connect with consumers on a deeper level?

Talk to your supplier. From cooling and warming agents to tightening/firming and plumping ingredients, Kinetik provides simple beauty ingredients that excite the senses in innovative ways. Two examples include, Sucraclear HC-31, which creates a cooling gel texture and HIPEgel AQUA, which offers a burst of freshness that can create the “wow factor”. 

Kinetik helps brands find the right texture for your product and your customers.

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Customized Beauty Innovations

The need for customized beauty innovations is growing. Whether it’s anti-aging, athleisure beauty, Kosher beauty, men’s skin care or vegan color cosmetics, consumers are more interested in products that are tailored to meet their needs and less about those with a one-size-fits-all-approach. 

According to an article by the Global Cosmetic Industry, “Personal­ization presents an opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves on experience and efficacy in a sea of product options and retail channels. It also offers a view of the increasing overlap between health, wellness and beauty.” 

Beauty is a very personal thing. Savvy companies, from startups to big brands, are finding ways to reach niche customers with unique products tailored to them. 

On-The-Go Applications

In today’s fast paced-world, it seems everyone is on-the-go at all times. Straight from work to the gym, errands and dinner, consumers want convenience, without sacrificing effectiveness. Therefore, beauty products must be simplified and practical to use just about anywhere. 

The ultimate goal for the on-the-go category is to offer customers exactly what they want, but in a convenient format customized for their active lifestyles. Sunscreen sticks, for example, are easy to use at any time and perfect for spontaneous outdoor activities. Other examples include updated packaging, built-in applicators, and waterless formulations.

Certified Beauty Innovations

For consumers today, simplicity is not enough. More and more individuals (men and women) are interested in products that feature natural or organic ingredients. In fact, by 2025, the organic and natural skin care market is expected to experience a market growth of more than 8%. Therefore, formulations must also meet the criteria of natural certifications such as the MADE SAFE Certification or that have been approved by COSMOS. 

Deliver Simplified Beauty Innovations That Give You A Competitive Edge

Ready to unfold new, innovative possibilities and attract consumers’ attention? At Kinetik, we do more than provide the raw ingredients you need to create simplified beauty innovations, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that give you a competitive edge. 

Our team has more than 16 years of professional skincare formulation experience. We take the time to truly understand your goals and even provide consultative support so you can stay on top of trends and excel in today’s competitive market.

Contact us at (732) 335-5775 for more information. Kinetik is headquartered in the USA, but we work with clients and represent suppliers worldwide.