A Natural Approach for Ready-To-Use Cosmetic Gel Base


 May 31, 2019

To compete in today’s personal care market, cosmetic brands must develop new and innovative products, while adhering to consumer demands for safe, yet effective, alternatives. At Kinetik, we believe in providing the best raw materials to help formulators meet evolving customer demands. We offer ready-to-use cosmetic gel base ingredients that can be used to formulate natural cosmetics and personal care products to help brands excel in today’s competitive landscape.

Discover Ready-To-Use Cosmetic Gel Base Ingredients

Brands trying to innovate within the natural formulation space share a common challenge: finding ingredients that are effective, stable and compatible. We recommend the following ready-to-use cosmetic gel base ingredients to brands looking to innovate with natural solutions:

  • Sucrabase C —  This is a 100% natural, ready-to-use, clear oily gel base, optimal for a range of cosmetic applications. It is a crystal clear, premium grade base. Sucrabase C is very simple to use and acts as a fantastic base for an exfoliator. This ready-to-use cosmetic gel base holds oils in place in a stable micro-emulsion. Adding water transforms the base into a cream or light lotion, resulting in numerous applications, such as:
    • Gel-to-milk cleansers
    • Facial masks
    • Lotions
    • Bath products
    • Massage gels
  • Sapogel Q —  Another 100% natural and palm-free oil-gelling agent, Sapogel Q is supplied as a liquid blend. Different viscosities and texture can be achieved depending on the level of Sapogel used in formulation. This safe, palm-free ingredient makes it an optimal base for making translucent, rich balms with the texture of lanolin or petroleum jelly. Recommended for:
  • Body balms
  • Exfoliating scrubs
  • Sucrabase SF —  Sucrabase SF is a mild, preservative-free, ready-to-use clear oily gel base. Oils are held in place using a stable micro-emulsion. When water is added, the mix changes into a cream or a light lotion, giving countless possibilities. Additionally, it acts as a fantastic base for an exfoliator and is 100% natural and 98.3% organically certified. Recommended for:
  • Gel-to-milk cleansers
  • Sugar & salt scrubs
  • Masks
  • Creams
  • Bath products
  • Spray milks
  • Massage gels
  • Sucrabase SF BIO– This mild, preservative-free, ready-to-use cosmetic gel base has a 98.3% organically certified grade. It is a thick, oily gel, which immediately turns into a thin emulsion when water is added, making it optimal for a wide range of cosmetic applications. Very simple to use this ingredient also acts as a fantastic base to use for an exfoliator.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Kinetik

Consumers are attracted to buzz-words like “responsibly-sourced,” “eco-friendly,” “natural,” “sustainable,” “vegan,” and most significantly, “effective.” People want safe products that perform, and those demands are only expected to increase.

Let us help you stay ahead of consumer demands —  and the competition — by switching to natural ready-to-use cosmetic gel base alternatives. We’ll help you select the right ingredients to develop your product and comply with desired organic certifications.

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