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 February 26, 2019

Choosing organic products, like foods, cleaning products and organic lotion for babies, is an increasingly large part of how many parents are trying to take better care of their children and the planet.

With no chemical residue, natural and organic lotions give parents the peace of mind that their babies are not absorbing toxins through their skin, or ingesting them.

Organic Skin Care Market for Babies is Booming

Organic Skin Care Market for Babies is Booming Kinetik

Now, more than ever, consumers are making health- and environmentally-conscious skin care purchases. From palm-free to anti-pollution, the market for organic skin care products is booming. But, it’s not just for adults. Many parents are focused on incorporating the same choices for their babies, whether that’s for baby creams, lotions, soaps or shampoos.

Organic baby products are formulated to be free of toxins and harsh chemicals. By definition, the organic ingredients used are not treated with pesticides of any kind. Using organic ingredients means that the company has taken the extra step to ensure their products are indeed, a safer option.

When choosing a lotion to put on their babies’ sensitive skin, today’s parents carefully consider the ingredients and their possible effect on their child’s long and short term health. This concern about health drives parent’s choices to purchase organic skin products. Babies have thinner and more permeable skin than adults, so parents are looking for plant-based and organic skin care products they can trust.

Even it means paying more for a quality product.

In fact, some parents happily forgo the expense of organic products for themselves in lieu of providing it for their children.

Quality over Quantity for Baby

Quality over Quantity for Baby Kinetik

According to an article in Forbes, “Today’s parents are spending more per baby. Why? Today’s children are deemed more worthy of protection than they used to be. For Xers, this is out of guilt: “What if I could have prevented my child from getting hurt?” For Millennials, this is out of shame: “What if others think I’m a bad parent?” Today’s parents also have a more democratic approach to parenthood. If the parents themselves only eat sustainably grown and locally sourced foods, the idea of denying the same quality to their children is almost immoral.”

As the concerns over the safety of ingredients in baby products continues to rise, it’s clear that the use of organic personal care products are increasing as well – with parents leading the way. In fact, this statistic shows the share of organic baby care products purchased by consumers in the United States as of May 2017. During the survey, 33 percent of responding U.S. consumers reported buying mainly organic baby care products and 31 percent reported buying [almost] only organic baby care products.

This presents a unique opportunity for brands to cater to parents who only want the best for their babies. Emphasizing product quality, such as calling out organic, natural and chemical-free ingredients will attract today’s young parents.

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Explore Organic Lotion Ingredients and Formulations for Babies

Explore Organic Lotion Ingredients and Formulations for Babies Kinetik

Explore organic lotion ingredients for babies:


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