Responding to Market Demands for Organic Emollients


 April 17, 2019

The market for natural and organic emollients is hot. As consumers become increasingly aware of synthetic chemicals, such as paraffin and mineral oils, the natural and organic personal care market is expected to grow even larger.

Used in many personal care and hair care formulations, natural-based and organic emollients trap moisture in the skin to create a protective layer on the outer skin. This aids in skin repair and improves skin hydration. All-natural emollients may be classified as oils or butters, depending on their consistency. Some commonly used plant-derived emollients include cocoa butter, jojoba oil, shea butter, argan oil and chia seed oil.

Organic Emollients Experiencing Major Market Growth

According to Kline’s Natural Personal Care: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities report, the “natural” trend continues to be among the most important in the personal care industry. In the US, 2018 marked the strongest growth over the last five years in the natural personal care market. Additionally, emollients are forecast to achieve the fastest growth between 2018 – 2023.

Natural and organic ingredients, such as exotic oils, natural gums, cellulosics, emollients and exotic butters are also increasingly gaining momentum. Consumers are flocking towards the beneficial properties of certain emollients, such as skin smoothing or the lack of a greasy feel, further amplifying market growth.

Other major factors driving the organic emollients market include:

  • An increasing aging population
  • Multifunctional ingredients
  • Expanding skin care segment for specialized products for men
  • Organic baby skin care demands
  • Public awareness of sustainable, organic options.


COSMOS-Standard for Organic Emollients

The COSMOS-standard is perhaps the most widely used standard for organic and natural cosmetics globally. Products are required to conform to the highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics, be safe, effective and good for the environment. Certification by the COSMOS-standard provides a cost-effective route for brands to earn trust and market acceptance. Both local and global consumers and retailers recognize the COSMOS-standard as the highest-level of natural and organic product assurance.

Look for the COSMOS-standard symbol highlighted on Kinetik ingredients to offer the best to your customers.

Beyond Organic Emollients 

The boom in the personal care industry for natural and organic emollients has led to various opportunities for brands to innovate. At Kinetik, we don’t just supply natural and organic ingredients, we also assist brands to create formulations for a sustainable future. Combining innovative success with environmental protection and social responsibility, our team works to support the success of our customers worldwide.

Discover our large selection of raw materials, including organic emollients, for brands who want to expand their portfolio via natural cosmetics, hair care, etc.

  • VegoJelly – Vegan petrolatum alternative with castor oil and berry wax. Unique blend of natural waxes and oils with super soft, silky lip and skin feel and high oil-binding capacity. MP: 42 – 48°C
  • Sapote Oil – A preferred source of triterpene alcohols, has protective properties and is ideal to improve skin tolerance. It acts on the wound and has disinfection properties, but also, plays a protective and restorative role against UV.
  • Berry Wax – Low-melting soft wax with velvet, powdery skin feel. Outstanding payoff enhancer for stick and pencilpreparations. Gives O/W emulsions a whipped, mousse-like texture. MP: 48 – 54 °C
  • Plantsil – “Light and Dry” alternative to cyclomethicone. Rapidly absorbs into the skin, and tested for makeup removal.
  • Resplanta PGF Babassu – PEG-free water-dispersible babassu oil produced with natural polyglycerol, for cleansing and nourishing.  
  • Dermofeel TEC eco – Natural, oily liquid for use in deodorant formulations. Inhibits esterase based metabolism of sweat components, causing malodor without affecting natural skin flora.

Headquartered in the USA, Kinetik works with clients and represents suppliers worldwide. Contact us at (732) 335-5775 to speak with one of our sales representatives about organic ingredients to support your formulations today.