High Performing Natural Solubilizers


 November 16, 2019

Clean beauty is no longer a differentiator in the personal care market. It’s expected. The natural skin care beauty market has exploded and shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, cosmetic and personal care brands have begun exploring new formulations to meet these demands. Natural solubilizers are one way. Natural solubilizers significantly improve a brand’s clean beauty profile, without compromising product performance. 

What Are Natural Solubilizers And How Do They Differ From Emulsifiers?

Natural solubilizers are often found as an active ingredient in personal care and cosmetic products such as moisturizers, sunscreens, anti-aging creams, body-creams, shower oils, gentle cleansers and natural deodorants. They have very little impact on odor or color of formulations. Different from synthetic solubilizers, natural solubilizers are derived entirely from naturally occurring sources. They activate the utility of essential oils in water-based cosmetics by solubilizing them without damaging their nutrients. 

According to Cosmetics Design, solubilization is a term that is used in both surface and colloidal chemistry, which refers to the colloidal dispersion of fluids to increase their synthesis and compatibility. 

Both solubilizers and emulsifiers are surfactants. Natural solubilizers and high HLB emulsifiers help disperse oils in water. Solubilizers, however, are more water soluble than emulsifiers and often used to incorporate very low level (usually less than 2%) total lipids into an aqueous formula to obtain a clear formula.

In the News: Natural Solubilizers Market to Witness Exponential Growth by 2028

With the evolving trends in the personal care and cosmetics industries, the market for natural solubilizers is expected to witness an upward trend. According to reports, “The superiority of natural solubilizers over emulsifiers to meet various needs of formulation challenges is expected to present lucrative opportunities for the natural solubilizers market.”

As we have mentioned in previous articles, the increasing demands from consumers to use free-from, natural and organic products is likely influencing the rapid growth.

Types of Natural Solubilizers at Kinetik

Natural solubilizers are derived from natural sources such as almond, coconut, vegetables etc. For cosmetics manufacturers who are interested in offering chemical-free or organic products to consumers, natural solubilizers make it easy to meet various needs of formulations. Kinetik offers a wide range of natural solubilization options for incorporating a variety of oils into clear, water-based personal care formulations such as: 


At Kinetik, we provide high-quality and natural raw ingredients for your cosmetic products, as well as guidance to help you with all your natural formulation needs. To take advantage of our full range of comprehensive services, contact us at (732) 335-5775. Our experienced team will provide the education and support you need to navigate through testing, certifications and stay ahead of the competition.

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