Natural Chelating Agents for Cosmetics


 July 29, 2019

Why Natural Chelating Agents for Cosmetics?

As consumers become more knowledgeable and concerned about the effects of heavy metals on their bodies, they are demanding natural, yet effective alternatives. Unfortunately, metals are a byproduct in many personal care items. Using natural chelating agents for cosmetics is one way to defend against heavy metals on our bodies. 

Metals can enter cosmetic formulations in multiple ways: 


  1. From the production equipment
  2. As impurities from ingredients (for example: extracts and pigments) 
  3. From process water. 


In cosmetic formulations, metals promote oxidation reactions, impair the foaming properties of surfactants and potentially cause discoloration. So not only are they bad for our bodies, they are bad for the product.

Many brands use chelating agents to bind metals and help stabilize products against the effects of metal contamination.

What are Natural Chelating Agents for Cosmetics?

Chelating agents are ingredients that bind with metal ions and play a crucial role in the stability and efficacy of cosmetics.The process of chelation stabilizes metal ions by preventing them from chemically reacting with any other substances. 

According to The Personal Care Product Council’s online ingredient dictionary, the wINCI, chelating agents are defined as “ingredients that complex with and inactivate metallic ions to prevent their adverse effects on the stability or appearance of cosmetic products.”  

Natural chelating agents for cosmetics are biodegradeable and non-toxic. They are organic ingredients, typically derived from plants or microorganisms. 

Benefits of Natural Chelating Agents for Cosmetics

Some chelators like EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), are not easily biodegradable and thus pose a risk to our environment. Consumers are starting to demand a better answer. As they become more label savvy and concerned about the safety and biodegradability of EDTA, they search for natural solutions. Properly formulated, natural chelating agents for cosmetics are healthier, and more effective than traditional ones.

Natural chelating agents help to increase the shelf life of cosmetic products, while being biodegradable, minimizing the environmental risk. When used in combination with antioxidants, such as tocopherol, natural chelating agents help to protect valuable ingredients like unsaturated oils.

Find Natural Chelating Agents for Cosmetics and Personal Care Products at Kinetik

At Kinetik, we provide high-quality and natural raw materials for your cosmetic products. Finding the right ingredients with us is easy. Below are our top three natural chelating agents for cosmetics and personal care product formulations.


  • Dermofeel® PA-12– dermofeel® PA-12 is a natural chelating agent for cosmetics and serves as a natural alternative to EDTA. This material is fully neutralized and has a pH of ~12. It acts synergistically in combination with cosmetic antioxidants.
  • Dermofeel® PA– This rice derivative serves as a natural alternative to EDTA. Acting synergistically in combination with cosmetic antioxidants, it is known for its skin brightening and chelating abilities.
  • Dermofeel® PA-3– This chelator agent for cosmetic formulations is naturally derived from rice and effective at inactivating metal ions by forming a complex between the chelator and the metal. Dermofeel PA-3 is colorless to pale brown, considered color stable and comes in an easy-to-use liquid form.


Transitioning to Natural Ingredients in Personal Care Formulations

Understanding the difference among various natural certification standards and their related challenges is an important foundation for creating natural cosmetic products. Kinetik has highlighted our series of articles surrounding the formulation and certification of natural personal care products. 



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