Addressing Consumer Demands Through Multifun­ctional Ingredients


 November 13, 2019

Today’s consumer expects more. They expect more out of their products and more out of companies to deliver on these expectations. Using multifunctional ingredients is one of the key methods that formulators use to achieve these goals. Multifunctional ingredients not only address consumer demands for simplicity, but also enable formulators to achieve bulk discounts, which can be passed on to the customer.  

What are Multifun­ctional Ingredients?

Multifun­ctional ingredients are versatile materials that aid in the creation of a wide range of personal care products. They can be used in multiple product types under a brand’s portfolio. This not only provides formulators with significant cost savings through larger purchases of less ingredients, but can also enhance the sensory experience of the product by adding unexpected extras. 

Demands for Multifun­ctional Ingredients Driving Market Growth

In the personal care industry, beauty ingredients that offer dual functions are trending right now. Savvy consumers jump on high-performing products that deliver multiple purposes from a trusted brand. Whether that’s a moisturizing cream that also provides antimicrobial effects, or natural cosmetics that are also anti-aging and UV protective, multifunctional ingredients enable versatility and a simplified beauty routine. 

According to a recent report, Cosmetics and Personal Care Ingredients Market Research Report- Forecast to 2023, “Global sales of cosmetic and personal care products have witnessed a significant uptick in recent years, consequently driving the demand for the ingredients that are used in their manufacturing. At the same time, innovation in cosmetic and personal care products has resulted in expansion of ingredient varieties.” 

The collective surge in demand for multifunctional ingredients in cosmetics & personal care products is likely to be a key reason driving market expansion.

The report continues, “The rising affinity of the working classes towards multifunctional personal care products… is expected to alter the landscape of the market favorably.”

Using multifunctional ingredients opens the door to a wider product line for brands. Formulators specialized in market segments such as skincare, hair care, fragrance and shower products are realizing the opportunity to expand into related products. Adopting small recipe changes and incorporating multifunctional ingredients enables product synergies and seamless line extensions.

Create Your Winning Formula With Multifun­ctional Ingredients

At Kinetik, we provide the raw, multifun­ctional ingredients and formulation strategies you need for your personal care products. We can also help you select the right ingredients to maximize efficiency and achieve the sensory experience you desire. Our approach is unique and includes comprehensive services with all the consultative support and educational resources you need to stay ahead of trends. 

Let’s take a look at a few of our popular multifunctional ingredients:

  • Abysoft from Natura-Tec–  Used in a wide variety of formulations for cosmetics, skin care and hair care, Abysoft acts as a co-emulsifier, film forming, moisturizing and wetting agent.
  • Verstatil® synacid from Evonik Dr. Straetmans– This synergistic blend of multifunctional organic acids and salicylic acid provides broad antimicrobial performance. 
  • MORE? 

We are headquartered in the USA, but we work with clients and have a strong relationship with our global partners. Speak with one of our experienced representatives about the natural multifunctional ingredients you need to support your personal care formulations today. Contact us today at (732) 335-5775 to learn more.