What’s New In Multicultural Beauty?


 October 18, 2018

What’s new in multicultural beauty? In today’s increasingly globalized world, multicultural beauty is taking on more complexities. From different sunscreens to hair care product formulations, brands must cater to consumers to suit their specific needs.

What is Multicultural Beauty?

Multicultural beauty, formerly known as ethnic beauty, can be defined as personal care, skin care, cosmetics and hair care products marketed to those who have “multi-hued” skin tones. Accounting for more than one-third of the U.S. population, this market includes communities such as African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and mixed-race.

And the market is booming.  

According to Multicultural Beauty and Grooming Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities, “During the forecast period through 2019, the ethnic beauty market will continue to face intense competition from general cosmetic and toiletry brands, and the fine line between mainstream and multicultural markets will continue to blur. However, competition will give an incentive for a surge of innovative, quality products entering the market.”

Mainstream brands, like Cover Girl, are already reaching a wide range of consumers by using multicultural spokesmodels for marketing. Even more genuine brands, like Estee Lauder, are creating a greater connection by using advisors who speak local languages to reach consumers.

The rise in popularity of multicultural beauty products also comes from the fact that powerhouse women, like Beyonce, Rihanna and J Lo have caught the world’s attention… and beauty brands have taken notice.

What’s New in Multicultural Beauty?

New research released from Mintel reveals that today’s trend-driven, multicultural women are propelling the US beauty industry forward. From the smokey-eye look and all-natural beauty products to multi-purpose beauty products and custom-blended cosmetics that resonate with women who find it difficult to match their skin color or undertones, it’s an exciting time for multicultural beauty.

As the diverse market continues to surge, consumers will start seeing a wider variety of products that target their needs. Therefore, smaller, targeted multicultural beauty brands need to be ready for the intense competition ahead. This means positioning themselves with more innovative, high-quality products with formulations that effectively address the demands of diverse consumers.

Multicultural Beauty Ingredients By Kinetik

There has never been a more important time to be connected with consumers by embracing diversity and offering authentic approaches.

We can help.

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