The Challenges of Formulating Minimally Processed Cosmetics


 November 15, 2019

Natural cosmetic and beauty products are top-of-mind with consumers today. From clean beauty and “free-from” formulations to anti-pollution and environmental protection, consumers are actively looking for minimally processed cosmetics, (not laden with potentially harmful ingredients), that still deliver efficacy claims. 

The minimalist beauty trend is growing every day. From beauty products to organic foods, consumers care about the health and safety of what goes in, and on, their bodies. The timing is optimal for brands to formulate minimally processed cosmetics and convert these modern consumers. 

However, formulating with a minimalist focus presents challenges. The biggest challenge is maintaining trusted, high-quality results, while using minimal ingredients and processing.

What Does Minimally Processed Mean?

First, we need to clarify what minimally processed actually means. The cosmetics buzzword: “minimally processed” is easily mistaken for other terms like “clean,” “natural,” “non-toxic,” and “green beauty.” These words are often used interchangeably to describe beauty products from hair care and skincare to makeup and moisturizers that are safe and sustainable.

These terms embody the idea of ‘less is more’ and appeal to eco-conscious consumer groups, such as expecting mothers, those with chronic skin conditions or individuals with allergies. 

Win Over the Eco-Conscious Consumer with Minimally Processed Cosmetics

Cosmetic formulations are constantly evolving. In the past, beauty product consumers simply cared that products delivered on the promised benefits. Exactly how the promise was fulfilled didn’t matter as much. 

A lot has changed over the years. 

The rise of the eco-awareness and organic nutrition movements, combined with increased access to education online has drastically impacted the personal care industry. Health-conscious consumers demand all the benefits, but without the harmful additives and processes, in their personal care items. Buyers are looking for minimally processed cosmetics that feel cleaner and safer for themselves and their families. 

Formulating Minimally Processed Cosmetics with the Right Ingredients

At Kinetik, we help natural cosmetic brands find high-quality replacements for processed ingredients. We source raw, natural ingredients that create products capable of attracting today’s educated, natural cosmetic consumer. 

With over 16 years of experience of providing raw materials to the personal care industry, Kinetik keeps clients ahead of trends. Our wide range of emollients, emulsifiers, solubilizers and other specialties help brands innovate minimally processed cosmetics that deliver on consumer demands. 

In addition, we assist clients to navigate the complex certification and standards surrounding “natural”, “organic” labeling. Read more about the standards surrounding formulations for minimally processed cosmetics.


Join the movement. Get started developing innovative cosmetics that exceed consumer’s expectations, with minimal processing and high-performing results. Contact us at (732) 335-5775 for more information. 

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