MADE SAFE Certification: What Does it Mean for Cosmetic Brands | Cosmetic Formulations


 May 28, 2019

The MADE SAFE® certification (Made With Safe Ingredients) has dominated the clean beauty space for the past three years.  Consumers are demanding cosmetics formulated free-from toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients. Brands are making smart use of the MADE SAFE label, including it on packaging to simplify the buying process and reassure customers.

So what does the certification cover? From “natural,” to “green,” to “sustainable,” eco labels can get confusing for consumers —  and also for brands. Let’s take a look at the MADE SAFE certification and how Kinetik can help.

What is MADE SAFE Certification?

MADE SAFE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The MADE SAFE certification applies to several categories, including baby, beauty, bedding, feminine care and sexual health, cosmetics, oral care and household products. To pass the MADE SAFE screening process, “all raw ingredients used to make a given product [must be] deemed safe and [be] vetted by an independent third party to ensure that none of the stated ingredients are known to cause human health harm.”

The overall mission of MADE SAFE? To eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in products and also to change the way products are made. Ultimately, solving the “consumer conundrum” over confusing chemicals. See the MADE SAFE Ingredient Database of known harmful chemicals.

Why Should Brands Consider The MADE SAFE Certification?

Consumers are doing more research before they purchase products, especially ones that go on their skin. They want to purchase cosmetic brands that have undergone a rigorous certification process to ensure clean formulations, crafted without harmful ingredients. Brands that can reassure buyers and eliminate the need for in-depth ingredient and sourcing research are profiting.

That’s where the MADE SAFE certification can make a dramatic difference.

For brands looking to enter the sustainable market, adopting the MADE SAFE label can be a significant stepping stone. It not only highlights what they stand for, but it also makes it much easier for consumers to choose their brand over the competition.

Reformulating Beauty Formulations

Take a positive step toward creating a healthy, sustainable product marketplace with the MADE SAFE seal of approval.

At Kinetik, we do a lot more than supply the natural ingredients you need to comply with the MADE SAFE certification. We are also formulations experts who help brands innovate safe and sustainable solutions. We can help you reformulate your beauty products, while maintaining the highest level of ingredient purity and integrity.

With over 16 years of professional formulation expertise, Kinetik has created a wide range of emollients, emulsifiers, solubilizers and other specialties to help brands stay on top of trends and ahead of the competition.


Discover MADE SAFE compliant cosmetic ingredients with Kinetik:

  • Dermofeel PA-12 – Biodegradable chelator. EDTA replacement.
  • Green Wax™ CC is vegan, gluten-free, PEG-free, quat-free, and non-GMO emulsifying blend
  • Kahlbeads – biodegradable and natural microplastic replacement
  • Resassol® Apostrophie – PEG-free Solubilizer
  • Plantsil – olive based silicone replacement
  • Sucragel CF – sugar based PEG-free emulsifier
  • Verstatil TBG – Broad spectrum preservative


Contact us at (732) 335-5775 for more information. Kinetik is headquartered in the USA, but we work with clients and represent suppliers worldwide.