Featured Personal Care Supplier: Green Line


 May 19, 2020

Featured Personal Care Supplier: Green Line

At Kinetik, we understand that consumers are more savvy and knowledgeable than ever before. Partnering with suppliers like Green Line enables Kinetik to offer ingredients that resonate with the demanding current trends.

Green Line’s innovative portfolio strives to meet expectations with solutions for your formulations and genuine added value.

About Green Line

Centrally located in Hazlet, New Jersey, Green Line has been producing quality botanicals without sacrificing key plant phytochemicals since 2012. Their philosophy is to meet the ongoing performance and marketing needs of the natural customer.

Superior, Quality Ingredients for the Natural Consumer

Green Line is dedicated to supplying superior, quality ingredients, developed by formulators for formulators. Through innovative active ingredients, high-performance emulsifiers, natural antioxidants, and multifunctional ingredients, Green Line offers a fully customizable botanical extracts platform.

Experts in Green Chemistry

Green Line’s portfolio stands out due to its expertise in Green chemistry and being a leader in the category of Biobased ingredients. By using a low-heat percolation method for botanical extraction, their process ensures that extracts are of the highest quality without compromising the integrity of active components found naturally in the plant material.

Ethical Practices

Consumers today are not only looking for eco-friendly products, but also eco-friendly practices. GreenLine has a passionate commitment to sustainable sourcing and protecting the environment. With a broad range of botanicals and essential plant based functionals such as emulsifiers, preservation alternatives, solubilizers, and emollients we feel Green Line has something from which every brand can benefit.

Botanicals | Actives | Essentials

Green Line offers many wonderful ingredients for cosmetics and personal care formulations, including:

  • GreenSolv 168– A powerful Biobased powerful essential oil & fragrance solubilizer.
  • GreenWax N – A unique Biobased nonionic self emulsifying wax blend.
  • IMBUE – These Biobased microemulsions can be used for a wide range of product types.

Formulate with Green Line Ingredients

As your trusted partner in raw, natural ingredients for personal care, skin care, cosmetics, and more, Kinetik offers the support brands need to formulate with ingredients from the best suppliers, like Green Line.

Headquartered in New Jersey, we work with clients and represent suppliers worldwide. Contact us at (732) 335-5775 to speak with one of our sales representatives today!