Green Beauty Movement in Full Bloom


 May 5, 2020

Green Beauty Movement in Full Bloom

The green beauty movement, once a trend, is now in full bloom thanks to environmentally-conscious consumers making informed purchasing decisions. Today, it’s not uncommon for consumers to read the labels of their personal care products just as they do their food labels, searching for dirty dozen ingredients like parabens, petroleum and phthalates.

Modern consumers want to know what’s in their beauty products and how they are formulated. Brands that adapt to green beauty standards are feeling the benefit.

What is the Green Beauty Movement?

The green beauty movement encompasses many principles. Primarily, this umbrella term refers to the rising demand for cosmetics and skincare products to be formulated with natural ingredients.

Now, more than ever, consumers aren’t just interested in the beauty product itself being clean, they’re also interested in the process. Green beauty brands often use raw ingredients sourced from nature (land or sea), such as botanicals, while also utilizing sustainable production practices with renewable packaging resources. For some, the word, “green” is synonymous with “clean” or “organic,” which encompasses formula, process and packaging.

The growing popularity of the green beauty movement has transformed many beauty formulations for the better. Beauty brands have become increasingly interested in incorporating green ingredients into their products, so they can attain that “green” label.

Ingredient Alternatives for Green Beauty Brands

As the focus on sustainability continues to increase, many beauty brands are seeking environmentally-friendly ingredients for their products. However, this shift is not as seamless as many would hope. Formulating beauty products using only natural ingredients — that perform the same, if not better — than their less sustainable counterparts has been historically challenging.

Thankfully, things have changed. As interest and demand for green beauty products spiked, investment in research and discovery of newer, natural ingredients has grown. Gone are the days where choosing green, natural ingredients means that you have to sacrifice effectiveness.

Today, the green beauty movement has gained traction, allowing the sourcing of clean alternatives with an ease never seen before. In 2020, brands producing natural beauty products don’t have to sacrifice quality or profits.

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Many beauty brands have found success formulating with green, natural ingredients to create effective products. Here are a few of the more popular green ingredients:

Fatty Acids such as Coconut Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil and Natura Velvet Ultra Avocado can be used as natural lubricants, adhesives and emulsifiers in applications such as soaps, lotions, creams and cosmetics.

Phenoxyethanol is a green preservative used in many green beauty products. Verstatil® BP and Verstatil® PE, for example, help by inhibiting bacteria and mold growth in applications such as cosmetics, gels and lotions.

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