Why is Customer Perception Important for Beauty Brands?


 November 16, 2019

In today’s world, the buying behavior of customers has evolved. With additional knowledge at their fingertips and easier access to information, opinions and reviews, consumers have more power than ever. When it comes time to the decision to buy or pass, customer perception is everything. 

Customers are looking for better experiences with effective results and are willing to switch beauty brands until they find one that delivers. Do you know how your customers think and feel? 

Let’s take a look at three important factors that can directly affect customer perception…in reverse order.

Factors Affecting Customer Perception

3. Messaging Matters

Much of the way customers perceive a personal care product can be attributed to what the brand says and how they say it. To influence perception, companies will deliver messages in an effort to capture customers and give them clarity about the product. Whether you’re highlighting claims such as clean beauty, sustainability or multifunctional cosmetics, messages must be delivered consistently and to the right platform.

One of the challenges of delivering the right messages is ensuring that your product actually delivers on those promises.

2. Perceived Value

It takes time to cultivate customer confidence, and messaging tactics alone won’t do the job. To survive in today’s fast-paced (and opinionated) world, brands shouldn’t just meet customer expectations, they need to exceed them. From a production perspective, this means a strong commitment to eliminate errors at every stage of the development process, including formulation consistency, ingredient integrity and manufacturing safety. 

Safety and product reliability are significant factors, but when it comes to customer perception, there’s more to it. Companies must be sure they are delivering on the overall benefit customers seek: an experience.

1. Customer Experience is Everything

It’s not just about delivering the right message and having a quality product. Customer’s experience with your brand and product has fast become the top priority contributing to overall perception and loyalty. In fact, customers are willing to pay up to 13% more (and as high as 18% more) for “luxury,” simply by receiving a great customer service. This includes knowledgeable and friendly help, speed, convenience and consistency – all with a human touch.

When your customers feel that connection, they will be more likely to respond by recommending your brand to friends on social media, subscribing to your newsletter and making repeat purchases. What’s more, they’ll even be more likely to try additional products.

In other words, if they like you (and continue to like you) they’ll do business with you and even recommend your brand to their friends. In doing so, they’ll also spend more.

Want to Win the Customer Perception Race?

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