Cosmetic Ingredients Distributor and Brand Consultant


 November 14, 2019

Cosmetic Ingredients Distributor…And So Much More

Kinetik goes beyond simply being a cosmetic ingredients distributor. We curate the globe’s premier natural and organic personal care ingredients, while assisting our clients to maximize performance and minimize impact. Our unique approach balances high quality, natural ingredients, environmental sustainability, and consumer well-being, while prioritizing customers’ growth and success.  

There are many cosmetic ingredients distributors to choose from. Kinetik is different. Kinetik is more.

Customer-Focused Distributor

Kinetik sources high-quality specialty ingredients for our personal care and cosmetics customers. More than 20 passionate employees, with extensive technical and commercial backgrounds, leverage decades of industry experience to bring you innovative solutions. Customers benefit from a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of current and under-research ingredients, as well as consumer trends and behaviors affecting the market. 

Kinetik takes the time to thoroughly understand partner goals and objectives, translating them into formulations that fit their needs. This is truly what sets us apart as a top cosmetic ingredients distributor. Our next-level consulting helps brands tailor formulas, production processes, product development and growth strategies to today’s competitive landscape. We help optimize your goals with market trends, upcoming innovations, while keeping an eye towards global sustainability. 

Best-of-the-Best Raw Materials

Kinetik fosters cherished partner relationships around the world to procure high-quality specialty ingredients for our clients. Curating only the safest and purest natural and organic personal care ingredients for our customers, Kinetik’s ingredient database truly represents the best of the best.

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Create Your Winning Formula With Multifun­ctional Ingredients

Kinetik started out as simply a cosmetic ingredients distributor, but has evolved into a true industry partner. Now, brands turn to Kinetik for our industry-leading formulation consultancy program, in addition to our unparalleled ingredients. 

Our strategy is built upon an unshakeable foundation: solid global partnerships, strong relationships with clients and innovative solutions for the personal care industry. 

We provide the raw, multifun­ctional ingredients and formulations you need to craft innovative personal care products. Our approach is singular in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Kinetik offers comprehensive services, with all the consultative support and educational resources you need to stay ahead of trends. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of our most popular cosmetic ingredients:

  • Bamboo Charcoal Powder from Selco– Charcoal is one of the top trending cosmetic ingredients today. This fine black powder made from moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) is designed to stimulate cell growth that leads to supple, delicate and smooth skin. It is useful in products such as cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, body scrubs.
  • Jasmine Wax from KahlWax– This active wax, derived from jasmine blossoms, is key for anti-pollution claims, which has ramped up over the past few years. As an innovative ingredient, it forms a protective film on the skin that prevents the adhesion and penetration of dust particles and eases their removal by cleansing.

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