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Kinetik Technologies provides innovative raw materials to the personal care industry

What began in 2003 as a humble start-up in New Jersey, has grown into a respected distributor for the natural personal care and cosmetic market. We’re proud of what we have become and attribute our success to three key components: a customer-focused culture, vast industry experience and innovative strategies.

The first component – the foundation of Kinetik – is our customer-focused culture and our unwavering commitment to providing the highest-quality customer service. Taking the time to truly understand our customer’s goals and product objectives, we believe this is truly what sets us apart.

The second component is our vast industry experience. The team at Kinetik has been in the industry for many decades and our understanding of the natural personal care market is deep and unfaltering. Kinetik is immersed in the natural market – we live and breathe it. Supported by a dedicated leadership team, experienced sales representatives and a passionate customer service team, we help customers create quality natural products.

The final component is our commitment to providing innovative solutions. The personal care industry does not sit still. This prompts us to constantly innovate, growing and refining the range of natural ingredients for our customers, always employing the latest technologies to deliver quality results. We’ve rounded up the best global partners, allowing our customers to formulate the best product necessary to excel in today’s competitive landscape.

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